The Board


Mr Jasmer Kharb

Mr Jasmer Kharb, an esteemed visionary and one of the trailblazers, played a pivotal role in the establishment and growth of the poultry industry in India. With his dynamic leadership and exceptional stewardship, he propelled the group’s turnover and profitability on an upward trajectory, consistently since 1965. Hailing from a humble farming family in the village of Paju, Safidon, situated in the Jind District of Haryana, Mr Jasmer Kharb’s foresight regarding the evolution of the poultry industry stands as a testament to his remarkable vision for the future of India, which he envisioned several years ago.

Mr Jasmer Kharb, holds the position of Chairman of JK Group and serves on the board of the company. He has played a pivotal role in establishing the poultry breeders association and has contributed to the committee in several capacities. Mr Jasmer Kharb’s extensive experience and expertise as a pioneer in the industry have made him a respected mentor within multiple poultry groups, sought after for his valuable insights.

Managing Director

Mr Sumit Kharb

Mr Sumit Kharb is a highly skilled professional in the field of Practical Breeder Farm Management and Hatchery Management. His exceptional abilities and dedication have greatly contributed to the success of JK Hatchery, propelling it to new heights. With his passion and expertise, he has driven the company to venture into a new segment of Layer division, leading to the establishment of JK Breeders, which has been a breakthrough for the company. He is committed to ensuring quality acrose entire production line.

Mr Sumit Kharb’s expertise and the guidance provided by him, company has been able to enhance their operations and achieve notable success. His commitment to excellence and his deep understanding of practical breeder farm management and hatchery management have had a positive and lasting impact on the company.

Managing Director

Mr Amit Kharb

Mr Amit Kharb is on the board of the company as Managing Director. Under his stewardship, successfully streamlined the overlapping operations within the group companies, creating a synergized whole. Throughout his impressive 10-years leadership tenure at JK Group, the company experienced significant growth in both revenue and profits.

He was instrumental in driving the company’s expansion into various sectors, effectively diversifying its entire portfolio. His visionary leadership brought about a significant breakthrough for the company, propelling JK Feeds and JK Industries to new heights.

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